I have Been Stalked Online by the St. Elizabeth's Medical Center Defendants’ Lawyers in this Medical Malpractice Lawsuit. Is Medium Going to Help Them Hide Vital InformationThat Can Protect the Public?

Cute Corporate Hitjob! Nonetheless, It is Wrong to Try to Keep Information Relative to Unethical Behaviors Official Misconducts, and Other Wrongdoings from Being Disseminated to the Public.

Marie Yolette Winfield
7 min readFeb 13, 2022


You can read the article here.

Update: February 18, 2022 (3:15 PM — EST)

See Sarah Palin v. New York Times below.


Yesterday, I responded briefly to the attempt by the attorneys for the 9 St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center defendants-doctors to get my reporting on the ongoing litigation in this case censored. Today, I am expanding on that post.

Right to Know
Image_Credit: Independence-Institute

The public has a right to know.

Winning at All Costs and The Art of Deflecting — Deceiving — and Suppressing

It is hard to accuse someone of “harassment or targetting” when you are stalking them online. For over a year now, the lawyers for these defendants have been following me on the internet, keeping track of every post that I publish, including petitions that I published on change.org. They have even quoted whole passages of my writing in court papers, although none of it has benefited them. And this month, the lead lawyer in the case just happened to suddenly become my newest “subscriber.” Umm!

But I did not cry foul. No Sir!

From Subscriber to Censorship — Here Are a Few Principles:

Online publications, such as Medium, should be more careful when trying to regulate speech on their platforms. The idea that “targetting and harassment,” and the likes, can…



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